Monday, July 1, 2013

VIDEO: Kickstarter for "Dark Matter [Album]" - Jordan Williams

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Download/Listen to the first single from "Dark Matter" here:
It's been over two years since I released my last and debut album, "The Memo," publicly. Since its release, I've released three EPs, a few singles, and a music video. However, my content flow has slowed significantly. After releasing "The Memo" two years ago and my last EP, "1993: HIStory," over a year ago, I decided to take a break from recording music. I stopped rapping and started solely writing poetry again, which was the hobby that originally transformed into my rap career when I was 16. After going back to my roots and developing my artistry for a year, this past May, I elected that it was time to make another full-length album. After conversations with my friends and family and one concluding conversation with my brother, I chose to name it "Dark Matter." Dark matter is a type of matter that is roughly 27% of the mass of the universe but can't be seen under a telescope. Although the concept of dark matter is still debated today, its existence is inferred by its effects on visible matter (gravity, radiation, etc.). Similar to dark matter, the emotions and experiences I reveal on this album are some that I have never revealed to anyone. Similar to dark matter's effect on the universe, these emotions and experiences are responsible for a lot of who I am today. Thus, in a sense, my album is my own "dark matter." 
I've already written and recorded the entire album. However, I need helping paying an engineer to mix and master it. That's where you guys come in. The engineer, The Rhapsodist (, has offered to mix my entire project for only $680 (the rest goes to Kickstarter and credit card fees) and I need you guys to donate as much as you can. I've worked with The Rhapsodist before and I know he'll make help me produce quality work. I want to be able to release "Dark Matter" for FREE and I need you guys's help in doing so. If you haven't, listen to my first single "Patience" below (or in the beginning of the description). Thanks in advance! I hope you guys enjoy "Dark Matter"! 
PS. If my project is fully funded, all of the extra money will go to the production of my next album. So, don't be afraid to keep donating even after I reach my goal! Thank you!
Download/Listen to the first single from "Dark Matter" here:

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